Running Scripts from Sublime Directly in Your Virtual Environment

What’s better than having a virtual environment setup? Being able to run scripts directly from within Sublime on that virtual environment!

Here’s how you set this up:

  1. Open up Sublime.
  2. Navigate to Tools → Build System → New Build System.

    Build Systems Menu in Sublime
  3. A new tab will open up in your Sublime application. It’ll look like this:

    New Build Tab
  4. Erase the contents of the tab and copy/paste the code below in its place:

    	"cmd": ["/absolute-file-path-to-your-env/bin/python", "$file"],
    	 "selector": "source.python"

    Make sure to change the path (the first item in the “cmd” array) to the absolute path to your virtual environment version of Python.

    New Build Code in Tab

  5. Save the file. Make sure to name it as you would like to see it in the build directory.

    Saving the New Build
  6. Now select the virtual environment build from the Build System menu and get to programming.

    Selecting the New Build from the Build System Menu

Thank you to Shang Liang for originally posting on this.

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